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The List


How To Choose Your Lawyer (Part 1 of 2)

If someone asked you if you recommended a plumber, mechanic, doctor, instructor etc... What would you say? The names that immediately jump into our minds in our adult life, I like to call the List. 'List' capitalized because it is the group of names we remember because these people did not just provide a service but they did it in a way that made them memorable. Good or bad their names stuck in our head.

On a very limited scale I used to do motivational/inspirational presentations to junior high and high school students. I would challenge kids to consider their List from a little different perspective than adults. I would do a very simple exercise with them at the end of each presentation. First I would ask them to help me define what they felt a quality person was. The normal range of answers included, trustworthy, helpful, good listener, friendly, strong etc. Then I would ask each student to write down 5-7 names of people from all corners of their life that they felt fit the description we developed. I would call it their 'List'. Finally I would ask them one simple question in closing and it was this:

What will you do in your life to get on someone else's List?

Choose your lawyer as if you are sure they will be memorable. Choose them as if you are sure they will end up on your 'List'. Not only for their legal expertise, but also in the way they conduct themselves, their business, and most importantly your business. We're not kids anymore so we can skip the exercise of having you write down the traits that might land your lawyer on your List and provide a few articles that do it better than you or I could:

Kirkpatrick & Goldsborough... working for you as if your List depended on it.

by Jonathan Couture