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The Power of Reviews

How to Choose your Lawyer (2 of 2)

From choosing a doctor to getting an oil change... the most powerful path to finding a reliable provider is certainly referrals and reviews. When it comes to finding an attorney to fit your situation the same could not be more true. You ask your friends and family, then maybe co-workers if they know anyone, then maybe turn to the internet...

Ahhh ... the Internet. Despite the internet becoming a veritable free-for-all of information sharing, reviews and feedback have remained a remarkably reliable source of information for potential clients. Of course you still need to make sure your potential attorney has the skills you actually need, but beyond that - it's never a bad idea to listen to what others have said about them. To that end ... please meet a couple of our attorney's and read what others have had to say!


"Mary represented me during the scariest time in my life.  My husband was divorcing me for another woman and I had the well-being and futures of three small children to protect.  Mary's exceptional knowledge of the substantive law and judicial procedure, as well as her extensive courtroom experience, enabled her to efficiently and effectively represent me and, most importantly, to obtain my desired results.  Mary was not afraid to represent me aggressively, but did so with integrity and professionalism that I have no doubt resounded with the judge and made a difference in achieving results.  Mary understood and was empathetic to my concerns regarding the best interests of my children, and she worked diligently as my advocate to bring certainty and security back to our lives.  I am truly grateful for Mary's invaluable combination of intellect, experience, empathy, principle and work ethic.  Mary provided the counsel, skill and tenacity necessary to protect my children and myself in a difficult situation and make possible the happy new life the four of us have built together.  - C.W."

Richard Goldsborough



Received the final disbursement check from the XXXXXXXX. Wish to express my sincere thanks to you and your team for the effort expended on my behalf. 

Our ten month relationship went by quickly and now it has come to an end (finality!). If I or anybody else need an excellent lawyer and law firm to represent their interest, I'll glady hand them your card!

Thanks for all; and, I wish you the best,


This will become part of an ongoing process of sharing others thoughts on our attorneys, but don't take their word for it... Call or Email Kirkpatrick and Goldborough and let's discuss YOUR case.